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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Click on the Student Login menu.

  • Enter your username and email address in the “Register” field on the right.

  • Press the “Register” button.

  • Note: Username and Email address can be the same.

  • A link to create a password will be sent to your e-mail address in a few minutes.

  • Note: If you did not receive the mail, please check your SPAM folder.

  • After creating your password, log in from the “Student login” menu.

  • Click for detailed information
  • After signing up to the system, click on the “Shop” menu.
  • Find the book directed by your advisor from the page that opens.
  • When you click on the book, it will automatically be added to your cart and guide you.
  • You can switch to the payment page by clicking the “VIEW CART” button of the book added to the cart.
  • After checking your e-Ledger information and amount, press the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button.
  • Please enter your information correctly.
  • Then click on the “Pay with Credit/Debit Card” button to reach the payment page.
  • A window will open for you to enter your card information. From here, click on the “PAY WITH CREDIT/BANK CARD” button.
  • Enter your card information correctly.
  • After entering your card information, press the “PAY” button.
  • Note: If the payment is not successful, please verify that you have sufficient balance on your card. Contact your bank and ask if they are open to online shopping.
  • Click for detailed information

You can access the book you purchased from the “My Courses” menu after logging in with your Membership information on the “Student Login” tab.

  • If your book does not appear in your system despite the payment, you can check the status of your e-book from the “Orders” tab after logging in with the membership information you used in the order in the “Student Login” section. “menus.
  • If your book is in “Pending Payment” status, please check your bank statements for the debit card you paid with.
  • Your book will be active in your account only if it is “Completed”.
  • Note: Since some banks report late payment due to system congestion, please check the same steps again after a few hours.
  • If payment has been made on your statement of account and you cannot see your E-Book, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with your e-mail address used for membership and your invoice.
  • In some cases, the password creation/reset link may not reach you or it may end up in the spam folder.
  • If you did not receive the password creation link, click on the “Lost your password” link from the “Student Login” menu.
  • Enter the e-mail address you used during the registration process and check your e-mail after a few minutes.
  • Note: If the e-mail did not arrive, please note that you may have entered an incorrect or different address.
  • If you received your book incorrectly, you do not need to re-order and pay.
  • To change the book you have purchased, if you send an e-mail to [email protected] containing your student number, phone number and the name of the book you want to buy, the editors will make the change and inform you.
  • Note: If you contact a different e-mail address than the e-mail address you used during the membership phase, additional information may be requested to verify you. If you want to get fast support, you can contact us via the e-mail you used in your membership information.
  • If you have previously purchased a book from the ESP Library platform and failed the course, you can get your free coupon on our platform.
  • Click here to inquire about your free coupon.
  • Select your university on the page that opens.
  • Write your student number in the relevant field.
  • After clicking the Search button, you will see coupon information specially created for you.
  • If your coupon is not visible, you can report the situation to your advisor or contact us.

How can I get an eBook?

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